Hee-Haws and Quacks!

Awww Spring!  The beautiful warm weather with an occasional shower has turned our fields and pastures into a lush green.  Leaves are budding out on our trees, the shrubs and flowers are in full bloom.  But even with an abundance of rebuilding projects and daily chores in keeping up with all the pets, we still found time for some visitors!

It was hard to see who was more excited when our friends from Iglesia Bautista Galilea paid us a visit. Kids showered the tribe with crackers and peppermints as the outgoing Jenny and Forrest showed off their begging skills. Lt. Dan is so gentle that although he enjoyed the snacks, he was just as content with all the attention of all the little hands petting him.  Even Mr. Trump made an appearance! Sharing the love of animals with this group was an awesome experience.



Last night the ducks came out for their first dip in the pool! They have grown SO much in the past 3 weeks. It was funny to watch the donkeys pout and whine because the ducks were the recipients of our attention and snacks!

Duckies Day Out Video

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  1. Saw your great video tonight on Channel 13 of your longhorn, Tex, playing then popping his big red yoga ball! So glad the video is going viral and bringing attention to your sanctuary. Thank you for your kind heart and for taking in and caring for all the animals you currently have and will have in the future. Wish there were more people in this world with a heart as big as yours who are willing to give their all for the sake of animals! God bless you and I wish the very best for you and the animals living at your wonderful sanctuary! Will be following your sanctuary news and telling others about it too! 😊

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